Possum removal Gold Coast

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If you have roofs full of possums, then you need the help of Happy Tradie’s possum removal Gold Coast. Why should you hire us to remove possums?

  • Sleep Deprivation and disturbance. Possums are cute animals; however once they get into your roofs they can be very annoying. They can disturb you sleep by making a lot of noise throughout the night.
  • Significant damage. Sleep deprivation is just one of the problem possums can cause. If you don’t remove them quickly, they can damage the wiring of your home and damage the roof itself.

Possum removal Gold Coast2

Happy Tradie’s possum removal Gold Coast method:

  • Inspect the entry points. Being craft creatures, possums can into the roof through small entry points. Our professionals will carefully look for all entry points.
  • Seal the entry points. We will then use strong materials and seal all the entry points for the possums to come in.
  • Install one way exits. If there are already possum infestations, we will install exits with one way for the possums on the common point. They will exit the roof through the exit, but won’t be able to enter again.
  • Seal entry points sealed. Once the property is free of the possums the entry points are sealed.
  • Special possum cage installed. If in any rare circumstance, the possum do not leave our experts will install our special possum cage inside the roof. Once captured, we will then release the possum into your property where they can exit.

Possum removal Gold Coast

  • In addition to this, we will also seal the gables, eaves and the ridge capping. We will also check for any loose spots on your roof or any tiles broken, from where these possums can enter.
  • In areas where there are possums, there are usually rats. So our professionals will also bait rats. However once the possums are removed, then only will we bait the rats.

So if you have your home infested by possums, Happy Tradie has to be called for removal purposes. We will move the possums very humanely from your roofs and will block all the entry points into your house. We guarantee that possum won’t be able to reenter again.