Mattress cleaning Gold Coast

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Happy Tradie’s mattress cleaning Gold Coast will use environmentally friendly products to deep clean and sanitize your mattresses. Our cleaning products will not leave behind any chemical residue when we clean the mattresses. If any chemical residue is left behind, it can result in a lot of allergic responses. We will safely and effectively remove the odor, stains, allergens and dust mites using only safe and environmentally friendly products.

Why should you have mattresses cleaned by Happy Tradie’s mattress cleaning Gold Coast?

  • There is a chance you can be a dust mite’s victim.
  • You spend most of your lives taking comfort in the bed, hence become more exposed to any danger lurking in it.
  • More than 60% of the dust mites in your homes are found in the mattresses.

Mattress cleaning Gold Coast

Normally, you constantly use the mattresses and never get it cleaned. It has more significant benefits to your health than the cost that you pay. We will clean and deodorize the mattress, and provide allergy treatments on the mattresses. These treatments will provide protection against allergens and dust mites. We will use a 100% green and natural disinfectant to sanitize and clean your mattresses. We will kill 99% of the bacteria, allergens and dust mites.

The benefits of getting your mattresses cleaned by Happy Tradie:

  • We will kill and control the dust mites.
  • People with asthma, itchy skins, allergies and bronchitis will benefit.
  • The odors will be eliminated and sanitized.
  • You will always wake up well rested.

Mattress cleaning Gold Coast2

You can follow the below mentioned tips for protection against dirt and dust mites:

  • You can use mattress covers on the mattresses.
  • Regularly clean the mattresses.
  • You should be regularly cleaning the mattresses.
  • You should be cleaning the nightstands and headboards.
  • You should be regularly vacuuming the carpets.
  • You should be cleaning or vacuuming the curtains and drapes.
  • You should be in a practice of good hygiene.
  • You should clean the windows.
  • You should dust the room.
  • You should be always keeping the dirty laundry in one single area.
  • You hire Happy Tradie for performing yearly upholstery, mattress and carpet cleaning in your home.

We are a world famous mattress cleaning company. Call us today to feel the difference.